Hybrid Backup

The Best of Both Worlds for Data Protection

Fast Fixx's Hybrid Backup service combines the best of both local and cloud backup solutions. We back up your critical data to both on-premises storage devices and the cloud, providing enhanced protection, flexibility, and accessibility.

This approach ensures that you have a local copy of your data for fast recovery, as well as an offsite copy for disaster recovery purposes.

A digital cloud hovering over a map of the world with interconnected icons, representing Fast Fixx's hybrid backup solutions that combine local and cloud storage for enhanced data protection and flexibility

Benefits of Hybrid Backup

Enjoy the advantages of both local and cloud backup with our comprehensive hybrid solution.

Double-Layered Protection

Hybrid backup provides an extra layer of protection by storing your data both locally and offsite in the cloud.

Rapid Local Restore

Quickly restore your data from your local backups, minimizing downtime in case of data loss.

Offsite Backup for Disaster Recovery

Cloud backups ensure you can recover your data even if your local infrastructure is affected by a disaster.

Contact us today to discuss how Fast Fixx's Hybrid Backup service can provide the best of both worlds for your data protection needs.