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Proactive IT services for businesses like yours

Proven Methods, Powered by Expertise

Our experts provide fully managed IT solutions for every element of your digital DNA. We help you grow your business without hiring extra staff.

Our mission is to ensure that your IT assets work together to maximize value and business success. Managed services from Fast Fixx can turn IT from a cost center to a profit center.

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Managed IT Services

Consider running your business without technical difficulties – employees are more productive, customers are delighted, meetings never lose connection, and your operation is more efficient than ever. It is possible!

Exceptional customer experiences begin on the inside. We empower your organization through carefully selected technology solutions tailored to your size and needs.

Our experts collaborate with your team to provide fully managed IT support for each component of your unique business. We enable you to improve your operational maturity without making a single extra hire.

The core of our mission is to ensure that ALL your IT assets are working together to add the most significant value and success to your business. With a Fast Fixx managed services plan, you can transform IT from a cost center to a profit center.

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Cloud Solutions

What if your cloud architecture increased productivity, improved security, and reduced costs? Without ROI-focused cloud IT support tailored to your business, the cloud may end up costing you money and complicating your data processes.

Utilize your cloud solutions to their full potential and transform inefficiencies into profits. Everyone understands the importance of the cloud, but few know how to utilize it fully. Businesses must realize which components should be used in the cloud – and which should not.

Fast Fixx’s cloud architects will assist you in strategizing between cloud and on-premise solutions to optimize costs, operational efficiency, and security protocols while also increasing revenue.

Align your cloud system with business success!

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IT security solutions for small business
IT Security Services

A single flaw in your IT infrastructure can expose ALL sensitive client data, employee records, and financial information without a secure network. Use a business-first approach to protect your valuable data with resilient network security.

Today’s cyberthreat landscape is unforgiving – a firewall and antivirus software are no longer sufficient to protect your company. Fighting modern cybercrime necessitates seasoned professionals versed in proactive measures to prevent data breaches and monitor inside threats. Proper employee training is required to transform your weakest links into resilient security chains for your organization.

We make sure that your IT security solutions are constantly evolving to outwit hackers at every turn. With Fast Fixx on your side, you can fight cybercrime proactively rather than reactively.
With strong IT security, you can plug the gaps in your network.

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A VoIP telephone sitting on a shiny white desk

Communication processes are the foundation of a profitable business. How much more successful would your company be if communication and dependability were not a problem? Use only the most tried-and-true solutions to make every conversation smooth and productive!
We’re here to lead your company into the future with advanced VoIP, email, video conferencing, and remote collaboration tools that keep everyone on the same page!
When you empower your workforce, you authorize your business.

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Microsoft 365 Services

Today’s businesses are only as good as the applications they have in place. Failure to have each tool perfectly dialed in will quickly jeopardize ROI, productivity, and performance. Don’t throw another dollar away; instead, make the most of each application!
Our goal at Fast Fixx is to provide robust application virtualization solutions for critical business components such as CRM, Office 365, QuickBooks, and others to measure ROI with business intelligence accurately.
Maximize your business applications for long-term success!

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IT compliance solutions
Compliance Solutions

Business compliance cannot be carried out in the presence of ambiguity or unfamiliarity. Companies should be free to operate without fear of fines, failed audits, or brand reputation damage. You can rest easy knowing that you’re protecting valuable data while also adhering to ever-changing regulations!
The key to retaining consumer trust is to remain compliant. Our team of experts will provide compliance services to ensure you meet all HIPAA/HITECH, PCI DSS, CCPA, and other regulations.
You can relax knowing that your practices are up to date!

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IT professional services
Professional Services

Keeping up with the demands of the digital age should not be a difficult or time-consuming process. As IT standards evolve, your company’s staff must be equipped with augmented support to ensure that every transition is smooth and painless.
Fast Fixx is here to empower your organization with customized consulting services – and to ensure that your IT office relocations, backups, and infrastructure projects go off without a hitch!
Allow your company to stay ahead of the competition by minimizing IT downtime!

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Managed IT Services Can Save Money

Unlocking Technology’s Potential

With the help of technology, small and medium-sized businesses can compete with industry giants. Let us show you what IT can do.

Concentrate on Business Growth

You have deadlines and customers to please. We will manage your IT so you can grow your business. Feel the difference.

Happy Employees Work Harder

IT failures take up 22 minutes of an average workday. Reduce IT stress and keep employees happy and productive.

Accounting Predictability

Holiday surprises are fun, but not when budgeting—no more stress for your CFO with our predictable pricing. Work with freelance consultants to avoid unexpected and hidden fees.

Less Work

Increase system performance with 24/7 human monitoring and maintenance. To avoid costly downtime, our integrated systems can detect hardware failure and performance issues early on.

Less downtime

Less downtime Because our client retention rate has been 97% since 2006, we guarantee it. So, how does this affect your team? Reduced operational costs and increased productivity.

Why IT Matters: Proactive IT vs. Break/Fix

When you pay someone by the hour, they only make money when you have problems. There is little motivation to perform preventive maintenance. A managed IT service provider provides you with unlimited IT support; they only profit when your network is flawless.

So they, like you, want the ideal network. A proactive break/fix approach results in hidden costs such as downtime, reduced employee productivity, potential security breaches due to unpatched vulnerabilities, and friction between business units within an organization. A proactive approach to IT addresses these issues by ensuring that your IT infrastructure is free of costly flaws that impede your performance.

What Is Your Current State of Information Technology?

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have established themselves as a necessary component of any modern business’s path to success.

With Fast Fixx, you instantly gain access to an entire team of experts with a range of skill sets, from tier 1 help desk support specialists to cloud architects and chief information officers. Your team has access to world-class resources in all types of information technology environments.