IT Network Support

Servers that are entirely managed. Operations are running smoothly.

Modern datacenter remotely managed via a managed IT services agreement

Server and Network Solutions of the Highest Quality

We provide a choice of server and network solutions to provide your company with the dependable and secure infrastructure it needs to grow.

What you may anticipate from our certified network and server administrators is as follows:

IT Network Support for Servers and Networks

When your network is down, your business grinds to a halt. Servers and networks are the foundation of your organization; any downtime can result in lost productivity and money.

We recognize the importance of server and network downtime. That is why we guarantee 99.99 percent uptime all year long!

Fast Fixx’s network solutions address network equipment difficulties, system failures, and application updates to keep your organization running smoothly.

Man and women working in network operations center monitoring netwokr and preventing intrusions

Installation, upkeep, and upgrades

To function correctly, all servers and networks require constant monitoring.

Our web and application tracking systems ensure that your present technology is regularly updated, repaired, and replaced.

We not only perform routine maintenance to maintain the lifetime of your information technology, but we also optimize and manage the whole hardware lifecycle of your essential systems to ensure you get the most out of every investment you make.

We’ll help you reach your budget and long-term business goals with continuous network advancements by utilizing the best available technology.


Information technology updates repairs and replacements optimize your technology investment

Remote server and proactive network monitoring

In terms of monitoring, our real-time IT monitoring tools work around the clock to help you manage your networks and servers more effectively.

We identify problems before they develop, saving you money and avoiding downtime. Fast Fixx’s network services might help you maximize uptime and avoid problems altogether.

Real-time network monitoring prevents problems before they happen

Network Security and Firewall

Cybercrime is evolving by the hour, and you must keep up with the risk factors.

Our network security services include proactive network security measures such as packet filtering, state inspections, proxies, and intrusion detection systems.

You will wisely secure your most significant asset: data, with the assistance of Fast Fixx.

Our network security services monitor your network to prevent incidents of cybercrime

Administration of Windows, Mac, and Cloud Servers

Regardless of your operating system or business type, our professionals will provide end-to-end network assistance.

We’ll give you monthly health reports on all of your workstations and servers, allowing you to work with vital, real-time performance indicators to drive continuous improvement.

Monthly report showing server and workstation health as a part of server support services

Remote Access and VPN

Your employees require dependable networks no matter where they are.

Create cross-device access to your data and applications that are quick, secure, and dependable for people on the road.

Fast Fixx’s secure VPNs use cutting-edge encryption to safeguard all of your vital assets and intellectual property. Your data will arrive safely wherever it is going.

Man working remotely on a laptop using secure vpn and dedicated servers