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What are SIEM Management Services?

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a solution that combines and analyzes activity from different sources across your entire IT infrastructure. Fast Fixx will investigate cybersecurity alerts, detect insider threats or potential cyberattacks, and discover trends.

Our endpoint security and monitoring services aid in protecting your company’s IT infrastructure. Whether we’re defending against threats, putting up employee monitoring applications, or securing sensitive information, our SIEM approach is essential to a safe and secure organization.

Threat Detection and Incident Response in Real-Time

SIEM services give you complete visibility and control over your network, allowing faster incident response times. Our real-time monitoring capabilities ensure that you always know what’s going on in your networks – as well as with your data.

A quick incident response time is essential for security intelligence and cybercrime prevention. Any anomalies or potential threats are immediately identified and remedied.

When your organization encounters a security breach, you can’t just sit and wait for a professional to respond. To minimize losses, we will handle the problem as soon as possible.

Detecting Advanced Threats Before They Do Harm

Prevent threats from ever appearing in the first place.

Our SIEM management services detect attacks early on and then employ machine learning and log analysis technologies to prevent worsening issues.

Our experts will examine your company’s vulnerabilities and develop an effective incident response plan. Move beyond reactive measures and become proactive in protecting your network from all threats.

We think that vulnerability assessments are the foundation of solid cybersecurity, which is why we provide them with our SIEM services.

Managed SIEM Services Simplify Regulatory Compliance

What are the similarities between HIPAA, FEDRAMP, PCI DSS, and other compliance mandates? To detect and warn IT when a data breach happens, they each require detailed event monitoring, user activity tracking such as access reports, and security incident tracking.

Managed SIEM services monitor, audit, and generate compliance reports on demand to demonstrate compliance with security regulations.

An efficient managed SIEM solution will automatically detect illegal access and distribution of electronically protected health information (ePHI), government ID numbers, credit card numbers, and other sensitive data to guarantee your company maintains regulatory compliance.

Customize SIEM Reporting for Your Specific Business

At Fast Fixx, we design our SIEM systems as adaptable as possible, allowing you to discover risks and secure your IT.

Use Azure’s Sentinel’s superior artificial intelligence (AI) to expedite proactive threat detection and acquire a bird’s-eye perspective across your entire organization — on-premises or in the cloud.

Our incident response services are an all-in-one security solution, but we understand that every business has unique needs.

Fast Fixx security professionals collect and correlate the log data required to confirm compliance and prepare industry-specific compliance reports.

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