Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

Get IT Security Protection Without Breaking the Bank. We Can Tailor a Cost-Effective IT Security Solution That Is Just Right for You.

Cybersecurity for small business

There was a time when a firewall, basic patch updates, and a good antivirus program on your company computers could keep you safe from cyberthreats.

That time has passed. While those items remain important, the bar has been raised and they no longer cover enough to prevent cyberthreats.

Today’s advanced threats target companies―both large and small―at every strata of their IT environment. Even startups and small businesses are not immune.

In fact, a 2020 Verizon report demonstrated that 28% of companies breached in that year were in the “small business” category.[1]

So, what do you do?

Partner with us. We’ll provide you with a layered cybersecurity strategy that will put you in the best position to ward off cyberattacks.

What is layered cybersecurity?

We help protect your business by setting up concentric rings of defense at different levels of your IT environment to improve the security of your IT assets and data.

  • Internet protection
  • Network protection
  • People protection (employee cybersecurity training)
  • Application protection
  • Device protection

Don’t wait until you experience an attack to get serious about cybersecurity. We can tailor a cost-effective IT security solution designed to give you strong protection and peace of mind.

Let’s get started. Give us a call or send an email to begin a conversation with our team.

[1] “2020 Data Breach Investigations Report,” Verizon. (Accessed February 2021).

Let’s get started.

Give us a call or send an email to begin a conversation with our team.

Advanced IT Security Services for Your Business

A comprehensive security strategy that includes network segmentation and system implementations, testing, 24/7 monitoring, and management of vulnerabilities and patches is developed using industry-leading measures as part of our holistic IT security services portfolio. This ensures that your company does not face a crippling threat event.

By using Backups by IT, our in-house solution for data protection and disaster recovery, we ensure threats are minimized, backups are tested, and data is guaranteed to be fully recoverable in the event of a loss due to an external or internal disaster or human error.

Plans for IT security

To stay ahead of cybercrime, you need a strategy that is unique to your company.

IT security strategic plan

Services to protect email communications

Protect Your Email from Hackers, Spam, and Viruses

Email security solutions for small business

Services to protect email communications

Approximately 80% of all cyberattacks begin with an email phishing scam, and these crimes are getting more sophisticated by the minute!

Endpoint security management and enterprise antivirus solutions

Security Information and Event Management

In the fight against cyber breaches, preventative measures can only go so far; this is where SIEM incident response comes in.

Managed SIEM services

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

AV solutions rely on signatures to detect threats, but the latest threats don’t use signatures and can slip through and enter your company’s networks undetected.

Endpoint security management and enterprise antivirus solutions