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Fast Fixx has the tools to ensure HITECH and HIPAA compliance. Better protect and share patient data.

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Personal data protection should be made simpler.

Because of the ever-changing world of cybercrime, HITECH and HIPAA compliance are becoming non-negotiable for today’s health firms. Any gaps or flaws in your security measures allow for data breaches, ransomware, and malicious sharing of ePHI, not to mention brand reputation damage.

Although HITECH and HIPAA compliance rules are uniform, each health organization’s route to HITECH and HIPAA compliance is distinct.

Fast Fixx will lead you through a step-by-step approach to becoming compliant and better protecting your patients’ data.

The Advantages of Working with a HIPAA-Complaint Managed IT Service Provider

Mind’s Peace

Audits can be stressful if your medical office or healthcare company has not met security criteria, documentation, or training. Fast Fixx helps alleviate your audit apprehension by ensuring that your network, systems, apps, and IT infrastructure are audit-ready.

IT Integrators

Our IT professionals do more than advise your firm on HIPAA and HITECH compliance. We implement, manage, and maintain your whole IT system, including end-user support for doctors and nurses, app integrations, email security, communications, business continuity, and other services.

Obtain the Trust of Patients

Any healthcare practice is built on the trust connection between the practitioner and the patient.

HIPAA is closely tied to patient ePHI privacy, but creating a good, long-term client relationship extends beyond HIPAA compliance and necessitates a more significant commitment to keeping client PHI safe and confidential.

We’ll work with you to make the most of technology to retain patients and maintain their trust.

Maintain the Image of Your Hospital

In the two years following a breach, hospitals spend 64% more on advertising. A data breach that exposes protected health information swiftly turns into a public relations disaster with significant ramifications for your brand’s reputation. Your company’s reputation is essential.

Proactive solutions

We’ll let you in on a bit of secret: Managed Service Providers (like us) who provide unlimited IT support are only lucrative when your infrastructure is up and running.

Simply put, it is our responsibility to ensure that issues and dangers are addressed behind the scenes before your team suffers downtime.

Keep your profits safe.

Corrective steps come with costs that go far beyond a simple loss of money, as patients concerned about their safety seek care from competitors.

Your employees may require extensive training and re-training. Noncompliance with information storage, security, or transmission may need a system-wide upgrade, all of which may hurt the bottom line.

The Benefits of Our HITECH and HIPAA Compliance Services

Employee HIPAA and HITECH Training

Employee Training Under HIPAA and HITECH, healthcare businesses must provide training for all employees, including new members. Why?

The leading cause of security breaches and HIPAA violations are human mistakes. With annual training for the entire crew from Fast Fixx, you can eliminate the element of human error.

Risk Management Methodology

The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) discovered that 90 percent of HIPAA settlement proceedings resulting from ePHI data breaches were hampered by inadequate risk analysis and management programs.

We will detect and mitigate your weaknesses before a compliance officer.

Security Policy Templates for HIPAA and HITECH

Your team can create the necessary HIPAA policies, procedures, and training programs using our information security templates. By cooperating with Fast Fixx, you will save time on compliance.

Using SIEM, you can simplify HIPAA compliance.

HIPAA should be made easier to understand. SIEM compliance SIEM technology allows for collecting security events across devices, with automated cross-correlation of activity.

ePHI threats can be exhibited in dashboards, channels, or reports using HIPAA-compliant use cases established within a SIEM solution. On-demand access to actionable knowledge and information to prove compliance.

With Ease, Comply With HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules

IT Compliance with HIPAA

Because the HIPAA age necessitates new standards, your information technology systems require a full array of services delivered by IT specialists with a solid tactical and technical expertise in medical security.

Our HIPAA Managed IT package provides advanced protection for your staff at a fixed monthly charge that your administration and accounting teams will enjoy.

Security and management of a network

Choose a robust firewall solution that includes logging and reporting to safeguard your internal systems and patient data from external threats.

We implement administrative, physical, and technical cybersecurity measures to preserve your PHI data, including end-to-end encryption for data at rest (data not in transfer) and in transit.

Get the most from your tech.



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