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What Exactly Are Managed WiFi Services?

Fast, reliable WiFi is no longer a luxury – it’s a need that necessitates the proper equipment, precise positioning, and skilled assistance to ensure your guests have a seamless connected experience.

If they have a terrible WiFi experience at a business, more than 85% of customers will choose a different rival.

Fast Fixx offers managed WiFi solutions for your employees as well as any visitors.

We provide end-to-end solutions that improve your business’s security while ensuring that everyone has a reliable internet connection.

Secure, Fully Managed Wireless Networks

Wireless networks that are managed are the way of the future.

Fast Fixx maintains your WiFi service remotely to deliver a secure, scalable, and user-friendly solution.

One of our WiFi professionals handles every part of your WiFi experience, from setup and installation to monitoring and upgrades, freeing up your team to focus on essential issues.

The days of sporadic connections are over with us!

Our goal is to deliver fast, dependable, and secure WiFi networks and provide ongoing maintenance and updates to keep businesses working smoothly.

Give Your Company a Competitive Advantage

With the most excellent WiFi solutions on the market, you can increase customer satisfaction and keep all of your guests pleased. Believe us when we say that, everyone will notice.

A reliable wireless connection can be very cost-effective. Improve your revenues by increasing production while reducing the costs of lengthy equipment installations, numerous service visits, and ongoing troubleshooting.

Competing in today’s industry requires a high level of speed.

As a result, we will not only increase the stability of your wireless connections, but we will also speed up your internet with the fastest, most efficient managed WiFi solution available.

Find a Complete Office Solution Easily

Is there a particular section of your office that always appears to have a bad connection?

With a complete business WiFi solution, you can eliminate any annoying dark areas. We’ll outfit your business with the managed WiFi system your employees require to be effective, from large offices to conference rooms and cubicles.

Allow your employees to be flexible in their work environment rather than being confined by outmoded technology.

A dynamic workspace promotes increased productivity, happier employees, and a competitive advantage – all of which equate to increased money!

The Advantages of Managed WiFi Services from Fast Fixx

Boost Customer Satisfaction

The single most desired feature among hospitality firms is free high-speed WiFi connectivity. We will assist you in exceeding client expectations by providing always-on, dependable, and firmly managed WiFi services.

Predictable monthly Subscription

We work hard to earn your business every day, just as you work hard to gain loyal consumers. With Fast Fixx’s predictable monthly Subscription, you’ll never have to worry about unexpected fees or overages.

Completely Managed and Secure

Fast Fixx is with you every step of the way, from design to set up to installation and round-the-clock monitoring. You can relax knowing that your clients and employees are safe at all times.


By delivering high-speed connectivity with 2.4 GHz and 5GHz compatibility, you can provide smooth WiFi Internet access throughout your workplace, resort, or hotel facilities.

Network Monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Okay, you’ve set up a strong, cutting-edge WiFi network, but what about monitoring? Fast Fixx monitors every aspect of your network to prevent downtime, stop malicious devices, and secure your employees’ and customers’ data using in-transit encryption.

One Point of Contact

When working with Fast Fixx, you can cut the time, expense, and complexity of maintaining several providers. As your single point of contact, we will free up your necessary time by streamlining vendor administration.

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