Cloud file sharing for small businesses

Documents can be accessed from any location. Share files in a secure manner. Manage Permissions with Ease. Cloud File Sharing for Small Businesses is essential.

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Share Files from Any Device with Anyone

Risking your data with insecure file-sharing solutions is not a risk you should accept. You require a safe method for sharing files and collaborating with partners — without sacrificing control of your IT infrastructure.

Every day, poor document management causes massive productivity losses. Lost files, missing data, and other sharing issues contribute to significant inefficiencies for businesses of all kinds.

At Fast Fixx, we provide safe file sharing with clients that is transparent, personalized, and per all current data regulations. Our goal is to make it simple for you to share documents, data, and information with trusted contacts from anywhere at any time.

A business owner uses file-sharing tools to work from anywhere, such as between flights. A cloud security solution specialist monitors an organization’s cloud deployments on three monitors, with server racks visible in the backdrop.

Reduce Risks with Modern Security Measures

We’ve long passed the point when we can rely on the security of files transferred via old email servers and messaging apps.

With individuals working from various networks and devices, you need a secure file sharing technique to keep up with modern dangers and cyber threats.

Secure your files with encrypted communications, password-protected links, access control, permission governance, and intelligent reporting with audits.

Fast Fixx will teach your personnel to adopt cutting-edge file-sharing techniques and ensure everyone knows the most recent security dangers and procedures.

Everything is more accessible with more outstanding sharing capabilities and a well-trained staff!

Advantages of Cloud File Sharing for Small Businesses


Have you ever struggled to locate a file? You check your local PC, the office server, email, and eventually – you find it minutes later. That is the issue of using numerous programs to share files.

Today’s cloud-based file sharing solutions make file access simple, convenient, and fast.

You will save both time and money.

Not only can a successful file sharing strategy save time searching for the most recent version of a document, but in many situations, corporations nowadays may host all of their files in the cloud, reducing the need to acquire expensive infrastructure such as servers.

Increase Productivity

Microsoft Teams’ integrated file sharing and collaboration capabilities make it the ideal productivity powerhouse for businesses aiming to maximize employee performance.

Individuals and groups can submit files that sync to SharePoint, making it simple for your team to share, access, edit, and discuss files in real-time.

Improve Compliance and Security

Microsoft 365 comes standard with solid security controls and features such as data loss prevention, information barriers, retention policies, eDiscovery, legal holds, and more.

Microsoft 365’s hyper-scale, the enterprise-grade cloud provides businesses with the sophisticated security and compliance capabilities they require in today’s ever-changing digital threat landscape.

Meetings made simple

Nothing is more uncomfortable than leading a meeting and unable to find a file — you think to yourself, “I just had it.”

Using Microsoft Teams as your workplace productivity center streamlines meetings by giving you access to all the files you need immediately from within the applications.

Do you need to find a recently shared file? It’s only three clicks away.


Have you ever worked in an office and had the file-sharing server go down? Work frequently comes to a standstill.

The design team is unable to obtain the assets required to complete that website. Marketing requires a report, but it is unavailable.

Most of us may identify with the frustration depicted here. Cloud file sharing solutions provide guaranteed uptimes and redundancy, ensuring that it is available when your employees require a file.

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