Application Virtualization

Application Virtualization Services: Reliable, Simple, and Safe

Application and desktop virtualization

What Exactly Is App Virtualization?

How can you get to an application or resource that isn’t directly on your device?
The process of running an application on a machine that does not have the app installed is known as application virtualization. The application runs in a virtual machine on a separate server or computer at a different location – and possibly on another operating system.

As the number of remote employees grows, so does the demand for app virtualization. IT professionals are now responsible for enabling users to work from anywhere on any device and ensuring application connections are reliable, simple, and secure.

This is where Fast Fixx comes in.

We implement solutions that enable apps to be accessed from any location at any time. At the same time, we ensure that these applications are simple to manage to foster a safe, productive, and enjoyable work environment for all.

With few limits, application virtualization offers a wide range of application kinds.

What’s the best part? Control authentications make application virtualization software simple to set up and use. Client service is the separation of the logical from the physical at the heart of application virtualization.

Servers running a virtualization desktop environment

Remote Access: The Quick Solutions You Require

Fast Fixx analyzes the local operating system and application before removing any incompatibility issues between different devices.

It doesn’t matter what equipment or operating system you’re using – we’ll make sure everyone can take full advantage of your business software.

We can manage all of these services remotely, which means we’ll deliver results quickly, allowing your staff to be more productive than ever before.

Remote access and application virtualization

Application Virtualization’s Advantages

Reduce System Integration and Administration Costs

Application virtualization eliminates the need to license hundreds of different devices. Centralizing your license expenses and lowering the number of devices requiring technical support will help you save money on IT.

Desktop and application virtualization, according to IBM, can help save costs by up to 30%.

Improved Software Maintenance in Less time instead of jumping from server to server, a centralized virtual infrastructure simplifies routine and preventive maintenance.

Application virtualization not only saves you time but also streamlines IT support and maintenance requirements, allowing your team to focus on more critical duties.

Ease of Access to Multiple Offices

Due to software restrictions and to allow employees from separate offices to operate within the same app or database while keeping a single source of record, businesses with several locations frequently virtualize an application.

Outgrowing applications is usual as firms grow, but if software constraints or multiple offices cause, you may be compelled to relocate services or software.

You may avoid costly migrations, pricey software upgrades, and productivity losses associated with training your personnel on a new application by virtualizing your business application.

Reduce Software Obsolescence – Maintain Low Costs

Don’t allow your hardware equipment to grow obsolete, exposing cybersecurity vulnerabilities. We will do continuous upgrades with ease using app virtualization, keeping your most valuable programs safe and productive.

Controls for granular access and security

Not only does application virtualization give your staff access to distant programs from anywhere, but it also gives contractors and partners access. They have secure remote access thanks to application virtualization.

It also provides granular access control and extensive system monitoring (allowing you to see who is doing what). It employs an inherently secure design, as opposed to local app installations. When the contractors are finished, remove their access.

Furthermore, no data is saved on their devices. Fast Fixx will not allow application virtualization to risk the privacy and security of your company’s data.

Rapid Problem Solving from Anywhere

Whether we’re backing up your hardware or assisting you in recovering from a major IT disaster, application hosting enables our professionals to access your system from any location.

Increase the effectiveness of your problem resolution and recovery processes by granting us virtual access to all of your problems – without ever leaving the office.