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Cloud application migration is risky.

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What Exactly Is Application Migration?

The process of moving a program from one environment to another, such as from an on-premise server to a cloud provider, is known as application migration. All too frequently, poorly planned transfers result in data loss, inefficiencies, downtime, and a slew of unexpected costs.

We’re your IT department when you need to relocate a business application program to a new environment.

We manage any issues between the original and target environments; you reap the benefits following the migration. Not only will Fast Fixx work the nitty-gritty details of application migrations, but we will also ensure that the process is tailored to your company’s needs to be both rapid and cost-effective.

We’ll help you update your internal business apps and infrastructure to meet quickly changing IT issues with our app migration services. Allow your digital transformation to begin with a long-term application plan!

Managing Difficult Cloud Migrations

If your company fails to develop a professional data migration plan to the cloud, you could face many issues, such as wasteful spending, perplexing processes, data loss, or downtime.

We’ll work with you to create the necessary workloads so you can start seeing results in the cloud right away. Fast Fixx will assist you in navigating the initial obstacles of cloud migration by evaluating your dependencies and creating a rigorous test plan.

One of the most challenging issues you’ll face is ensuring the security of your data. We provide support, monitoring, and administration of all your sensitive data – both during and after the application conversion.

The Advantages of Application Modernization

Improved IT Infrastructure

If your business application was the best of the best a decade ago, it’s time to upgrade it if you want to stay competitive. Cost, speed, scalability, and flexibility are just a few of the benefits of cloud solutions over older on-premise systems.

Improved Performance

Migrating apps to use cloud resources provides your organization with unrivaled access to compute-intensive resources when and how you need them, whether you need to run a few virtual computers or a few hundred virtual machines to meet demand.


Moving apps to the cloud can dynamically scale apps to suit demand. By migrating apps to the cloud, your firm will be able to scale resources up or down as needed to improve performance while also controlling expenses.

Don’t let traffic spikes or erratic demand ruin your consumers’ experience or bring your app down.

Reduced Time to Market

Faster application release cycles mean your team can respond fast to client requests and changing market expectations, allowing you to launch new services more swiftly. This speed might mean the difference between winning or losing market share and competitive advantage.

Increased Security

Reduce costs and complexity by utilizing a highly secure cloud environment that leverages Microsoft’s multi-layered security. Benefit from a team of over 3,500 worldwide cybersecurity professionals working together to help protect your Azure service assets and data.

Opex to Capex

Cloud computing reduces IT costs by shifting them to a pay-as-you-go approach. OpEx items are entirely tax-deductible from your income, which usually raises your profit margin. Operating expenses better reflect the underlying cost of operations, making it easier to calculate the service’s ROI.

Enhancing Business Efficiency

Professional application migrations provide numerous advantages, including:

  • Ownership and licensing fees are reduced
  • Flexible integrations that don’t hinder your company’s productivity
  • As your company develops and changes, all of your apps will benefit from increased scalability
  • Accessibility and features that are dependable
  • Adaptability as your company’s and employees’ needs evolve

Apps are intelligent beings

We’ll learn the ins and outs of your tools so we can correctly transition them, and then we’ll teach your personnel how to use them. We’ll reduce downtime and increase the efficiency of your processes, from the app’s platform to its security measures and data formatting.

Get the most from your tech.



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