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The Importance of IT Strategic Planning

It is easier than you think to fall behind on technological advancements. It is costly and time-consuming to play catch-up to avoid being labeled “outdated constantly.”
That’s where we come in.

Our IT strategy planning services assist firms in architecting, implementing, and managing the technologies that provide them a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced industry.

Our virtual CIO IT strategy and planning services guarantee your team has the appropriate tools to move your business ahead from hybrid cloud cost optimization to significant network design and installations. We’ll assist you in making long-term plans, not just short-term ones.

What Is a vCIO, and Why Do I Need One?

Most small to medium-sized organizations find it difficult to justify hiring a professional CIO. As a result, their IT fails to thrive due to a lack of experience, resources, and time.

Confidently planning, budgeting, and managing IT demands the advice of a professional, time-tested executive.

A Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) takes on the duties of a typical CIO. When we work as your virtual CIO, we are in charge of developing your technological roadmap, giving you a competitive advantage – at a far lower cost than a full-time CIO.

What Is a vCIO, and Why Do I Need One?

Understanding Your IT Goals for the Future

A solid IT roadmap doesn’t only plan for the next few months; it also plans for the next several years.

Outlining your long-term business objectives and a practical way to achieve them is the principal focus of our IT strategy and planning engagements. Your IT infrastructure should expand with your business, and we will ensure that one does not outgrow the other.

In today’s tech-driven economy, the alignment of business strategy with IT is critical. Without a granular approach, businesses may overinvest in technology without addressing the business difficulties they encounter due to varied departmental objectives, cultures, and incentives.

That’s where a vCIO comes in, guiding your organization’s business and IT alignment so that technology integrates across each business unit to fulfill fundamental objectives.

Understanding Your IT Goals for the Future

Advantages of Our Virtual CIO Services

Insights in Plain English

Technology is complex; the practical insights we derive should not be. Your vCIO will consistently deliver technical information and results in plain English that all stakeholders can understand.

Make Cost-Effective IT Decisions

A virtual CIO serves as an integrated extension of your IT department, guiding procurement and solution selection to create the most cost-effective tech stack to help you achieve your business objectives.

Predicting Technological Trends

Almost every industry has seen a leveling of the playing field as a result of technological advancement. We assist you in leveraging IT to compete with the Goliaths of your business.

Programs of Long-Term Compliance

Each vCIO knows the challenges of ensuring industry and legal compliance across people, processes, and technology. Whether it’s CCPA, PCI DSS, HIPAA, or another legislation, your vCIO will analyze existing policies and procedures, make recommendations, and ensure the necessary changes are implemented correctly, so your firm stays in compliance.

Control costs and keep an eye on investments.

With a vCIO in your corner, you can be confident that each advice and decision is calculated to produce business results at the best value.

Improve IT Maturity

IT operational maturity evolves over a spectrum as firms deploy increasingly complex systems, increase users, locations, and employees. Successful firms use strategic processes and SOPs to ensure seamless operations; businesses that do not will surely endure crippling growth pains.

Your vCIO is there to help you improve your IT operational maturity so that as you develop, your people and technology can keep up.

Roadmap Development for IT Strategy

A dedicated vCIO is crucial in developing an organization’s IT strategy and technological roadmap. This IT roadmap provides a blueprint for IT planning, processes, and initiatives that will expand with your firm.

Our vCIO consultants create a complete IT roadmap that will align your information technology to meet your short-term and long-term business goals, providing you with a valuable resource that will help your business units harness technology to drive performance.

IT Budgeting & ROI Analysis

Identifying which IT expenditures would deliver the best ROI is a complex undertaking; OpEx solutions and CapEx investments, hardware lifecycles, and many variables to consider.

Your vCIO must ensure that each investment improves your technology stack to optimize the value delivered by each component of your IT infrastructure, all while sticking to your projected budget needs.

Business Continuity Planning

Your mission-critical systems and irreplaceable data are at risk if you don’t have a comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery plan in place. Fast Fixx has spent years developing, testing, monitoring, and perfecting our corporate disaster recovery solution – Backups by IT.

Your vCIO is in charge of creating and managing your business continuity documentation and plan. When the unexpected occurs, Fast Fixx tries to restore operations in minutes rather than days or weeks.

Hybrid-Cloud Strategy and Optimization

Contrary to popular belief, a modern SMB’s technological infrastructure should not be entirely cloud-based. Your vCIO must examine your business goals, performance needs, risk tolerances and conduct a thorough cost analysis to determine which services offer the most cost savings when hosted on-premise and which must be hosted in the cloud.

We keep your costs under control, manage, and optimize your public and private cloud resources, as well as on-premise servers, for the optimum ROI.

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