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VoIP Business Phone Systems

You’ve changed the majority of your workplace over the years, but what about your phone system? Relying on out-of-date calling technology is costly and inefficient, not to mention frustrating.

Fast Fixx’s corporate VoIP phone service provides next-generation telephone and collaborative solutions to help your company succeed.

Forget dropped calls, distorted voice messages, and broken lines – this is the phone system of the future!

Why should you choose managed VoIP services?

Businesses want a specialized VoIP specialist who understands their particular IT architecture to manage security, perform proper integrations, and ensure you constantly deliver excellent Quality of Service (QoS) for exceptional call clarity.

With our managed VoIP services, you’ll get hands-on help from the start to ensure smooth, long-term connections.

Fast Fixx installs industry-leading Polycom phones that are compatible with ongoing customization and support for years to come.

We provide your numbers, port existing numbers, educate your team, and create IVR menus, greetings, and mails.

The History of Our VoIP Services

We’ll be honest with you: Fast Fixx didn’t start out selling managed VoIP services.

None of our providers could provide the degree of security, ease-of-use, integration, and voice clarity that our staff needs.

After years of frustration, we decided to construct our VoIP phone system in-house by combining best-in-class hardware (Polycom) and secure open-source code to create a highly customizable VoIP system that prioritizes quality above flashy features.

We didn’t decide to reveal our solution to our consumers until we developed a solution for a non-profit radio station and received an excellent response. What is the moral of this story?

You can trust that the technology we supply has been tried and tested in-house first and that we only provide services that our teams would use.

The Advantages of VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business

VoIP Services Provide Better Call Quality

Stop apologizing to clients when your voice fades in and out of the background noise. We set up your VoIP PBX on a dedicated virtual server with unique IP addresses.

With a VoIP phone company, you may concentrate on the substance of the call rather than the clarity.

Lower Initial Investment

A VoIP company phone system allows you to accommodate changes in staff, locations, and offices. Fast Fixx uses the best Polycom phone systems that are compatible with nearly any VoIP service provider.

Lower Monthly Costs

VoIP service plans are less expensive than traditional landlines since they use the internet to make phone calls. Fast Fixx offers you a predictable monthly rate, lower costs, and a system handled by local IT specialists.

Adaptable and scalable

You need to increase revenue, expand into new areas, and attract new clients – all with a dependable phone system. VoIP calling plans allow new phones and employees to join the bandwagon, swiftly boosting your growth and efficiency.

Our experts will have your team up and running in minutes – and will provide all of the necessary training so you can hit the ground running.

Greater Mobility

Internet VoIP phones are ideal for the modern workplace where employees are not confined to a desk (or even a city). Discover how your company can use mobile VoIP service providers to increase global communication.

Get the most from your tech.



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