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Improve Collaboration Tools: Harness the Power of Digital Communication

Collaboration solutions and software to boost productivity

We Increase the Productivity of Communication.

Teamwork is critical in today’s work environment.

When communication breaks down, vital ideas and conversations are lost, making running a successful business practically impossible.

Fast Fixx provides video conferencing services and various communication tools to help you make the most of your collaboration capacity.

Our professionals offer industry-leading solutions as well as 24-hour assistance — through the web or phone.

Improve Culture through Improved Collaboration and Engagement

Poor collaboration and involvement frequently result in project failure, missed deadlines, and cultural decay.

Meeting deadlines is merely the tip of the iceberg for developing a successful cooperation and communication strategy. The overarching goal is to keep talent engaged, which translates into happy, productive, and driven employees who stay!

Fast Fixx will assist you in facilitating an open digital workplace where every person can be heard and bring value to your organization, armed with a selection of time-tested cloud collaboration solutions – from Microsoft Teams to Zoom.

Reduce Your Expenses While Promoting Meaningful Collaboration

Professional collaboration and conferencing services can help you better manage the costs of your company communications.

Fast Fixx will give quality audio conferencing and web conferencing services to every member of your firm – all without breaking the bank. All of our solutions are tailored to your company’s specific demands, including financial constraints and organizational skills.

Advantages of Fast Fixx’ Collaboration Solutions

Make Meetings More Convenient and Effective

Using Microsoft Teams as your office productivity hub streamlines the meeting process by providing access to all of the tools you require, such as chat, video conferencing, phone calls, screen sharing, and more, through a single application.

Employees Who Are Engaged

Collaboration impacts the factors that drive employee engagement, including how people feel about their work, how they feel about their coworkers, managers, and executive leaders, and how they feel about the organization. Employees and management can communicate more effectively using an easy-to-use unified collaboration platform—fully engaged employees result from widespread teamwork.

Expenses for travel should be kept as low as possible.

Employees frequently travel for training, conferences, business meetings, and strategic retreats, but what if your firm could fulfill your goals with a single application instead of spending money on plane tickets, accommodations, and per diem? What initiatives could you prioritize if you had more money in the bank? Microsoft Teams saved one organization over 150 trips in three years.

Increase your output.

Microsoft 365‘s integrated collaboration capabilities with Microsoft Teams are a productivity force to be reckoned with. Individuals and groups can submit files that sync to SharePoint, allowing your team to easily share, read, edit, and discuss files immediately within Teams for more efficient meetings with everyone having the most recent version.

Rally Communication and Culture

Teams help businesses to deliver on-brand solid messages to their employees, customers, and partners. Your group can launch live events across Teams, Stream, or Yammer, allowing you to connect with up to 10,000 guests from any location, device, or application.

Enhance Compliance and Security

Teams include extensive security controls and capabilities right out of the box, such as data loss prevention, information barriers, retention policies, eDiscovery, legal holds, and more. Microsoft Teams is built on the Microsoft 365 hyper-scale, enterprise-grade cloud. It provides businesses with the sophisticated security and compliance capabilities they require in today’s ever-changing digital threat landscape.


SharePoint allows your firm to quickly distribute and manage material — without having to switch between apps.

This tool provides a dynamic environment in which teams can share expertise, files, data, news, and other resources in one place. SharePoint allows employees to collaborate as if they were sitting next to one other, regardless of where they are situated or which devices they are using.

SharePoint promotes seamless communication and fosters productive, high-quality work by connecting team members to shared resources and portals. This platform has the potential to revolutionize your organization’s processes, from improving how employees execute simple tasks to implementing operational routines.


Teams improve the inclusiveness, effectiveness, and security of workplace collaboration solutions. The program strengthens workplace ties by converting to a single, secure center for communication — including chats, meetings, and phone calls.

Some of Office 365’s features are probably familiar to you.

With a native integration approach, our Teams services will take your operations to a new level. We’ll set up Microsoft Teams for all of your staff and provide them with the training they need to make the most of this program’s features.


OneNote, a robust digital notepad, will automatically update and preserve notes from all of your meetings. We will train all of your staff to use a notebook to record, highlight, and collaborate more efficiently. The notebook can be readily shared and viewed from anywhere.


Our voice conferencing services ensure that your Polycom phones have smooth calls and have minimal downtime. Unleash the full potential of collaboration by utilizing a phone system that does not drop essential communications.


Create an open digital culture by allowing your employees to engage, network, and share ideas within their respective groups. Yammer allows you to create groups, get feedback, and keep your entire business on the same page.

Leaders can effortlessly host company meetings, training sessions, and events for up to 10,000 people with Microsoft 365 and Yammer’s worldwide conferencing capabilities. Each event will be protected by the same enterprise-level security that Office 365 provides.

Training and implementation are a piece of cake with our help.


With OneDrive, you can access your Microsoft Office 365 files from any location, at any time. Fast Fixx will safeguard and synchronize all of your papers and data so that team members can easily view and share them. Encourage teamwork — without the hassle of juggling multiple desktop apps.


Zoom is our go-to resource for simple, dependable video and audio conferencing as one of the best online conference collaboration solutions. We will bring your business where it needs to be with Zoom, whether you’re conducting a large webinar or searching for a standard meeting platform.