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Advantages of Managed Microsoft 365 Services

Taking advantage of the most recent Microsoft 365 features and upgrades can appear to be a full-time job for your IT team.

You can drastically decrease inefficiencies in your team’s effort by leaving the hard lifting to our managed Microsoft 365 services – without sacrificing the platform’s best features.

Everything from your Microsoft 365 email hosting to the plethora of built-in features will be managed by our professionals.

Turn over tedious maintenance routines and upgrades to us so you can focus on more critical business duties – instead of resetting passwords, monitoring mailboxes, or responding to end-user support questions.

With Microsoft 365, you can discover hidden efficiencies.

Are you utilizing Microsoft 365 to improve the effectiveness of your team?

We’ll provide your team access to all Office applications, from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint fundamentals to the more complicated apps like Yammer, SharePoint, and Teams.

Our professionals will guide everyone through the setup and configuration process, as well as provide continuous support.

Your business procedures will stay unchanged while Fast Fixx manages Microsoft 365:

We’ll assist you in making the most of Microsoft 365 while reducing the amount of time you spend browsing the application and its numerous features.

The Advantages of Managed Microsoft 365 Services

Microsoft 365 Support Is Unlimited

Our specialized admin team provides end-to-end support for all of your Microsoft 365 needs, including adding and removing users, resetting passwords, creating groups, updating spam filters, permissions governance, and more.

Enhanced Security

Microsoft 365 is a robust platform that includes over 1,000 security and privacy features. Our security professionals build your Microsoft 365 environment with strong information governance rules and access controls to protect your data from internal and external threats.

Collaboration is more effective.

We’ll assist your team in making the most of Microsoft 365’s powerful collaboration tools. From job automation to incorporating collaboration, chat, meeting, and communication techniques for more efficient collaboration leads to faster delivery and more customer satisfaction.

Spend Less Money on Licensing

With constant licensing optimization, we’ve helped customers just like you save thousands of dollars. Not every user necessitates every available app and the kitchen sink.

We examine user roles and use cases to identify the optimal license mix, allowing you to put more money into expanding your business rather than licensing.

Compliance Made Simple

PCI, and quickly place your Microsoft 365 infrastructure into submission! We then configured Microsoft 365 with in-depth compliance and activity reporting and tailored data loss protection measures to avoid accidental sharing of sensitive information.

Unrivaled Uptime

We promise that your team will always be a few clicks or taps away from the information they need, whether they’re working between flights, on a laptop at home, or using their phone to interact on the road.

New Security and Compliance Features

Legal standards and privacy laws are constantly evolving.

Microsoft 365 simplifies security by allowing Enterprise 3 (E3) users to transmit encrypted messages inside and outside your organization. Sensitive communications are kept private with “Do Not Forward” and bespoke rights management templates for business-to-business and business-to-consumer scenarios.

Everyone makes errors, but with Microsoft 365’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) features, you can be assured that sensitive data such as social security numbers, credit card information, medical or client data, and intellectual property will be quarantined before it leaves your network.

With Fast Fixx’s Managed Microsoft 365 services, you can rest assured that your data is protected and that spam is eliminated before it hits your mailbox. We’ll offer secure access to all of your company’s resources – whether your employees drive to the office or telecommute from home – while remaining cautious against digital threats.

How We Increase Your Productivity

The modern digital workforce necessitates tightly connected applications that eliminate communication obstacles, boost collaboration, and automate everyday operations such as approvals and status updates. Microsoft 365 is a collaboration powerhouse, which is fortunate for you.

Employee Cooperation

Microsoft Teams is the collaborative hub of the future. Teams connect people, content, and tools to assist businesses in increasing productivity through effective collaboration.

Teams enable employees by providing real-time digital whiteboards in meetings and facilitating contact with other users (such as clients or freelance talent).

Collaboration on Content

When co-authoring documents across various Office online applications such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, Microsoft 365 has all the bells and whistles. Send a file to Teams, then click on it to modify it with other team members while you’re on the go.

Routine Tasks Should Be Automated

Microsoft Power Automate (previously Flow) enables employees to create and automate workflows with various applications and services in a no or low-code environment. Configure approval notifications, collect and track data, and manage your company’s social media accounts. With Power Automate, the possibilities are nearly unlimited.

Separate Data Silos

Have you worked with a business that used one email provider (G-Suite or GoDaddy), one service for online meetings (Zoom), and another for internal chats (Slack)?

Microsoft has transformed the modern productivity suite; organizations no longer need to rely on a patchwork of disparate providers. By combining all of your apps into one service, you can boost productivity and reduce costs.

Security Options in Microsoft 365

Advanced Threat Defense (ATP)

Microsoft 365’s Advanced Threat Protection prevents sophisticated threats designed to evade email filters, including email messages, links (URLs), and collaboration tools, from compromising your network.

Advanced AI-powered attachment scanning and analysis prevents zero-day threats, ransomware, and malware before they reach your inbox.

Data Loss Prevention & Encryption

Microsoft 365’s customizable data loss prevention (DLP) tools protect sensitive data without sacrificing productivity, enabling you to block messages containing HIPAA, PCI, or any company data from accidental sharing and data breaches.

Information-protection policies would allow users to send encrypted and rights-protected emails, so your data remains secure against prying eyes.

What exactly is Managed Cloud?

Managed cloud services enable businesses to benefit from the scalability, performance, and security that cloud computing provides without the need to hire an in-house cloud architect or engineer.

Someone must handle the infrastructure, technical support, and sophisticated activities such as cloud cost optimization like they do with your on-premise servers.

Fast Fixx managed cloud services give you complete access to a team of cloud specialists, architects, and engineers to help you simplify your cloud journey, sparing you the aggravation and complexity of doing it yourself.

What exactly is a public cloud?

By far, the most frequent approach for enterprises to use cloud computing is through public clouds. A third-party Cloud Service Provider (CSP) owns and maintains a public cloud infrastructure, which is delivered through the internet. As previously stated, 91 percent of businesses already use at least one public cloud service.

Microsoft Azure, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Google AppEngine, Microsoft 365 with OneDrive, Google Drive,, and Apple iCloud are common examples. As the most common model of cloud computing services, providers provide a wide range of solutions, resources, and services to meet the rising needs of enterprises of all sizes, industries, and geographies.

What exactly is a hybrid cloud?

Hybrid clouds, also known as “the best of both worlds,” combine the advantages of on-premise infrastructure (such as a private cloud or application server) and public cloud services. Data and applications in a hybrid cloud architecture can migrate between local on-premise servers and public clouds for improved flexibility, performance, and deployment options. In an unanticipated business disaster, hardware failure, or power outage, some services, such as email and VoIP phone systems, should not be housed on-site.

Similarly, hosting substantial data sets in a public or private cloud environment might be prohibitively expensive. For these reasons, organizations must carefully examine the balance of operational expenses and definable fault tolerance that they are willing to endure.

Fast Fixx specializes in hybrid and multi-cloud architecture and server infrastructure methods that play a crucial role in our clients’ digital transformations.

What exactly is a private cloud?

A private cloud is made up of computing resources that are only used by one company or organization. A private cloud can be built on-site at an organization’s data center (or server) or hosted by a third-party service provider. Private clouds, as opposed to public clouds, are developed, configured, and maintained to meet the specific business demands of a single firm.

While more expensive than public clouds, private clouds can provide more robust security, governance, administration, privacy, and compliance controls than public clouds.

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