Azure Migration Services

Migrating your data center to Azure is a significant undertaking. Start your Azure migration the easy way with our Azure migration services.

Azure migration services

Begin Your Azure Migration with Ease

Currently, 87 percent of businesses intend to combine on-premise data centers with public cloud services.

Risks can include a complex, time-consuming relocation procedure if a strong plan is not in place. A lack of necessary in-house capabilities, as well as a loss of control, can quickly lead to bandwidth concerns and unanticipated costs.

Choosing to relocate your whole data center to the cloud may appear to be a daunting and complicated task. Even with the numerous benefits, many small firms are put off by this intimidating thought.

This is where Fast Fixx comes in. We break down Microsoft Azure migrations so you may successfully migrate your data to the cloud with minimal pain and disruption.

Reasons to Begin Migrating Right Now

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Cloud computing reduces the need to purchase expensive hardware and the added expenditures of hosting an on-site data center.

The benefit of cloud computing solutions like Azure is that you can customize the key to your needs as your organization expands. You only pay for the storage and bandwidth you use, with the opportunity to scale up or down as needed.

After a successful Azure transfer, you will most likely save additional money on data storage.

Global Scale and Increased Security

Microsoft Azure has more data centers around the world than any other cloud service provider. When you partner with Azure, you obtain the global reach and local presence that your company requires.

Microsoft’s multi-layered security, built-in controls, and powerful cybersecurity intelligence tools enable your team to spot new threats and respond faster than the competition.

Azure is trusted by more Fortune 100 organizations than any other cloud service provider, and it is backed by 3,500+ cybersecurity professionals who are continually monitoring threats.

Industry-Leading Compliance

Azure has over 90 compliance certifications, including HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI DSS, FedRAMP, and DFARS/CMMC.

Protect and streamline compliance with the most comprehensive coverage of any cloud service provider. Fast Fixx oversees compliance for essential areas such as health care, government, banking, education, and manufacturing.

Your Cloud Strategy Must Be Future-Proof

Microsoft’s continuous innovation helps your business today and your product ideas for the future. Leverage the most recent cloud tools such as AI, blockchain, Kubernetes, containers, and databases to keep your organization ahead of the curve.

Begin your Azure migration to develop a cloud strategy that can serve as a competitive weapon against the market’s behemoths now.

Remove Geographical Barriers

As workplace rules and modern organizations evolve to capitalize on the benefits of allowing people to work remotely, businesses must alter their technology stack to support these tactics.

By shifting to the cloud, companies can ensure that their personnel is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of their location.

Seamless Disaster Recovery with Azure

Azure Site Recovery makes recovering critical systems dependable and straightforward. Furthermore, when a calamity strikes unexpectedly, the last thing you want to discover is a corrupt backup.

Our Azure migration services allow you to test backups in real-time by running dev-test replicas of production workloads in Azure without affecting users.